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We build more than websites. We create web-based tools that grow your business.

Our Process:

We’ll combine our business skills, design and marketing experience, research, technical expertise and decades of knowledge about the Internet to collaborate with you and build a website that’s (a) focused on achieving your business goals and (b) a pleasure to use by both you and your audience. Here’s how it works…

1. Onboarding

This is where we get nosy about your business goals and focus areas to make sure we’re on the same page. We then hash out our shared vision and expectations for the project.

You provide: Honest answers and a clear vision for your business and how to serve your audience.
Outcome: We formalize the deliverables and you complete the down payment.

2. Strategy

We talk through your current online goals, business objectives and flesh out the sitemap, global elements, competitive landscape and marketing strategy. Together, we decide how it should look and feel and what you want your audience to experience on your website.

You provide: Availability to talk for a handful of meetings (1-3 meetings is typical, each lasting about an hour).
Outcome: A detailed document that outlines the sitemap, global elements and strategic plan for how it all comes together.

3. Prepare Content

Next, based on the sitemap and site structure, we make sure you have the necessary text and imagery. The better the quality of these base ingredients, the better the end result will be. It is strongly advised to work with a content professional (copywriter, photographer, videographer, etc.). We will help curate & optimize the content in order to achieve the goals of the project.

You provide: Finalized content, access to members of your staff responsible for producing the content, or willingness to collaborate with one or more content professionals.
Outcome: Content ready for design and insertion into the website.

4. Design

Now, with our content firmly in mind, we design the key pages detailed in our strategy plan. We utilize several tools in this process as needed. These may include sketches, wireframes, mockups, style guides and prototypes. Together, we see how well they meet the project goals and revise as needed.

You provide: Feedback, revision requests, and approvals for each round of deliverables.
Outcome: Finalized designs ready for coding.

5. Programming

Here we set up the staging and production environments. We then code the templates and interactive elements necessary to house and display your content. Once finished, we both test for bugs and errors.

You provide: Feedback, approvals, and assistance in testing.
Outcome: A functioning beta site, ready for content to be added.

6. Add Content

It’s time for us to add content and style it in the beta site. We’ll focus on design heavy key pages while you focus on adding blog posts, products, galleries, etc. Please note: adding content always takes 2-3 times longer than you expect. Plan accordingly. We’ll be there to answer your questions on administration and formatting along the way.

You provide: Collaboration in adding content, approval of key pages.
Outcome: A ready-to-launch website.

7. Launch

We both review the site once more to make sure everything looks and works as it should. Then we launch!

You provide: Final review and approval. Launch promotion and engagement with your audience.
Outcome: A live website.

8. Ongoing promotion & management

Now that your website is live it requires proper management to remain attractive to your audience and in-line with your business goals. This involves security & maintenance tasks, monitoring, analysis, regular content updates, SEO and promotion.

We will train you on how to administer your site and your strategy plan will include our suggestions on how to handle these tasks successfully. If you do not have the in-house staff necessary we can help you manage your site through our website management plans.

Thank you for creating a polished and classy site design that represents our company in a very positive way. We are excited to announce this and continue to enhance the user’s experience. We have enjoyed working with you on this massive project. Cheers to your efforts!
Rebecca Sonnentag, VP-Communications & Promotions, County Materials Corp.

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